Themes Identified during 2021-22 and 2022-23

    1. ​​​​​​​A Study on Panchayat Election.
    2. State of Panchayats.
    3. Present Status of Non – IX Areas.
    4. To Assess Status and Utility of Nyaya Panchayats OR Dispute Resolution at Panchayat Level and Role and Responsibility of Panchayats.
    5. Study on Preparation of Devolution Index 2020-21.
    6. Compilation of State Acts, Rules, Judgements of High Courts & Supreme Court and relevant instructions of Panchayats etc.
    7. A study on relationship between Panchayats, MLAs, MPs and District Administration.
    8. Ranking framework for the States on the basis of Property Cards, efficiency of SVAMITVA Implementation process.
    9. Assessment of Work based Accounting by the Panchayats through eGramSwaraj (e-GS).
    10. Determining Standard Cost of Public Service.
    11. Gram Panchayats as Nodes of Economic Development.
    12. Documentation of best practices in areas of Health; Education; Service Delivery and Own Source Revenue (OSR).
    13. Assessment of SHG-PRI convergence.
    14. Development of Human Resources and Panchayats